The First Short Film from Canon's new EOS C100 EF Cinema Camcorder

Canon just recently released their newest model of the one man Cinema Camcorder EOS C100. The camera boasts a some new features not found in it's predecessor, the Canon C 300 such as One Shot AF, Push Auto Iris, a built-in microphone and non-compression HDMI out with superimposed timecode and 2:3 pull down marker. For an upgrade which is much better priced, smaller, and more versitile, what do think of the results shown from this short film?



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romain VERNEDE's picture

More fun with Go pro's video.... :)

Elliott Montello's picture

Hmmm, still not fooling anyone. Still looks very DSLR no more filmic then say the 7D. And no 60p what the hell is that about?

Martin Rotaveria's picture

It's very hard to judge the camera quality behind all that MB Looks layers. 
Honestly, this "over graded" stuff looks awful to me. 

George Kasionis's picture

me to ''over graded''

Matthew Wagg's picture

I might have looked further if the video wasn't so cheesy

Martin Melnick's picture

Wow, first off, way to take away any of our impressions of the video quality of the camera by COLORING IT WITH MAGIC BULLET LOOKS. I hate when amateurs get a hold of decent equipment without doing a little research first. On a second note, anyone used to working with Red footage isn't going to see this as anything but dslr with a little extra latitude.

President_Putin's picture

Retarded color grading. Hard to judge the quality but it IS better than a 7D.

paul jay's picture

terrible grading. Noise in faces.