Redrock Micro Releases the ultraCage | blue for Canon EOS C100

Redrock Micro Releases the ultraCage | blue for Canon EOS C100

Today, Redrock Micro announced the new ultraCage | blue for the Canon EOS C100, the first support cage designed specifically for the C100. Built in partnership with Canon for the premiere at IBC 2012, the ultraCage C100’s form-fitting design matches the ergonomics and size of the C100, adds needed support and mounting features and minimizes bulk and weight.

Key Features:

  • 360 degrees of protection and mounting points – The ultraCage C100 mirrors the sleek, compact design of the Canon C100 and closely wraps the camera to maintain its beautiful natural form factor while providing 360 degree camera casing for maximum security and support with minimal bulk and size.
  • Complete camera access—The ultraCage C100 is designed to ensure all buttons, functions and doors on the camera are completely accessible. The C100’s removable handgrip can be attached and used or detached—all without removing the ultraCage.
  • Flexibility – The ultraCage C100 delivers mounting points on all four sides as well as at top and bottom to place camera-top accessories wherever desired. Top and bottom rails deliver flexibility for placing accessories such as a follow focus and mattebox.
  • Powered Cage– the optional powerPack attaches to the cage and delivers centralized power for the C100 and all camera-top accessories including monitors, external recorders and focus units.
  • Will retail for $550, ships in October 2012

In addition to the standalone cage, the ultraCage C100 is offered as part of four ergonomic, complete rigs. Jump right into production or use them as a starting point to create the perfect rig:

  • ultraEvent – a balanced, compact handheld rig.
  • ultra Field Cinema Bundle – a comfortable shouldermount rig for all-day shooting.
  • ultraEyeSpy – a shouldermount rig centering camera for monitoring via the rear monitor or built-in viewfinder.
  • ultraCage Studio Bundle - the ultimate rig for shooting on tripods, dollies, jibs and cranes.

Alternatively, pros and enthusiasts alike can build their dream rig from the ground up w/Redrock’s huge arsenal of pro-level cinema accessories that solve common problems and speed production, including:

  • Rear chassis – cage extension delivers more rail space and mounting points for all camera-top accessories.
  • backPack - rear mounting plate for attaching an external battery, recorder or other large accessories while keeping the rig balanced.
  • microMatteBox - full-sized cinema-style mattebox for light management and filtration.
  • microFollowFocus – a brilliant performer for precise and repeatable focus control.
  • microRemote - remote focus control with both wireless and fingerwheel operator controls. Fits all lenses and cameras.

For more information, you can check out the extensive details at

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