Four Ways to Get Smooth Video Footage (Three for Free)

There was a time when smooth, stable footage was the stuff of Hollywood, while us lowly plebeians dabbled with our shaky VHS home movies. But now, I can order laundry detergent delivered to my door by pressing a button on my washing machine and those magical devices in our pockets shoot in 4K. Here are four great ways to get with the times and give your footage that smooth, cinematic look.

Coming to you from eevnxx, this helpful tutorial shows you four straightforward methods to get smoother footage. Personally, nothing sets off the "professional" flag in my mind more quickly when watching a video than seeing buttery shots. While the fourth method, buying a stabilizer, is likely the most direct route to the desired result, the first three (using Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro, shooting in slow motion, and overshooting in terms of resolution) are all free and can be great ways to simulate polished footage if you'd rather not purchase a gimbal or if you're looking to save something you've already shot. For example, if you frequently shoot b-roll on your phone and don't have an extra stabilizing solution for it, these can be just the trick. Of course, they'll work just as well with footage shot on a dedicated device.

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David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Very useful tips.

Andrew Griswold's picture

This is awesome. I am all for smart budget friendly ways to get the best shot for photo and film and lately I have seen some great stuff on stabilization for video. Love it! This guy is super informative compared to other dudes Ive seen too.