Freddie Wong Puts on an Epic Car Chase

A good car chase has heroes, villians,  jumps, crashes, helicopters and more. Youtube master Freddie Wong manages to capture the best elements of an epic car chase but does it on a small scale. By using RC cars, Freddie and his crew are able to set up the scene and retake as many times as they want.  Check out the final video below.

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Jason Vinson's picture

haha awesome! 

My two cents? He looses all sense of production value by the massive amounts of shaking in the opening scene. Clear he shot it on a light DSLR. Professional film cameras are massive and even when mounted on a shoulder have very little shaking. 

K. G. Brown's picture

You've obviously never seen his work before right?
He doesn't "loose" any production value at all...
He also doesn't "lose" any production value either.

What is that wheel around the camera?

It's called a Fig Rig.

Michael Kormos's picture

Haha, love it!  Fantastic work, especially the jumps, the helicopter and the slow-mo crashes :-)

Outstanding! Was the first overhead heli shot an actual heli on, or did it just seem like one due to the sound effects?