Fstoppers, Who Do You Want To See On CreativeLIVE?

Fstoppers, Who Do You Want To See On CreativeLIVE?

Over the last few months Fstoppers and the guys over at creativeLIVE have built a fun relationship. We love sharing inspiring photo shoots, behind the scenes videos, and gear talk, and they broadcast free workshops from some of the industry's best creative professionals. So we thought it would be fun to ask Who would you like to see on creativeLIVE? I know a short list of photographers I'd love to see on CL (some are our own readers) but we want to hear from you. Complete the Questionnaire below, and who knows, maybe you will see your favorite photographer on both creativeLIVE and Fstoppers in the near future:

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Von Wong's picture

vote dave hill guys <3 ! 

I would love to see Chris Orwig, Douglas Kirkland and Deke Mcclelland. They are amazing instructors and have always inspired me. Deke is an Adobe-guru and Douglas is such an amazing photographer, he is always calm and teaches us to look at the world from a different point of view. I really love their series on Lynda.com. I have suggested them a couple of times but still no answer :/ I would also love to see Sean Armenta. He is one of the best glamour and fashion photographers I have ever seen. His works are absolutely stunning.

Nicholas's picture

I've posted, and would love to see a working screenwriter or teacher of story, like Robert Mckee. 

All the technology and technique in the world, can't compensate for vision, and vision requires, fundamentally, a sense and craft of story. 

Done - 2 suggestions... Todd Laffler and Jerry Ghionis.

Raheel Gauba

Rod Mar


Blair Philips / David Ziser

Tony Corbell