The Roadmap to Success in Architectural Photography: CreativeLive With Mike Kelley

The Roadmap to Success in Architectural Photography: CreativeLive With Mike Kelley

If you've ever been interested in the field of architectural photography, now is your chance to learn about the ins-and-outs of getting clients, bidding on jobs, building a reputation and learning some post-processing tricks for FREE. I'll be speaking on Creative Live today at 1:15pm Pacific Standard Time, and will be going into detail on how I've built my business from the ground up in just a few short years.


For those who aren't familiar, I've been a working architectural photographer traveling all over the world shooting a variety of incredible projects these last few years. I never knew that I could have such a good time doing it, and one of the best things about it is being able to share my knowledge and inspire other with it. When I was invited to teach on Creative Live I jumped at the chance, as I remember watching the show when I was learning how to shoot, getting inspiration from the likes of Chase Jarvis, Peter Hurley, etc.

I will be presenting two distinct talks, each about 90 minutes in length with plenty of time built in for questions from both a live audience and an online audience, so feel free to write in with any questions that crop up. While my eight-hour tutorial Where Art Meets Architecture discusses a lot of the basics of this stuff, I'm going to try to show many things that we weren't able to cover due to them falling just outside the scope of the tutorial.

 The first segment will go into detail about marketing yourself, pricing your work, building a loyal client base, and how to deal when things go wrong. Ever struggled with marketing and getting repeat business? This may be the class for you.

The second segment is sure to be super juicy: I'll be taking apart one of my photoshop files in-depth, explaining every layer and color trick, walking you through techniques I've developed over the years to get my shots looking the way they do. 

For more information and to sign up, head over to Creative Live's website  where you can see speicific times and details. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, bring your questions and grill me!

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Michael Kelley ( is a Los Angeles-based architectural and fine art photographer with a background in digital art and sculpture. Using his backgrounds in the arts, he creates images that are surreal and otherworldly, yet lifelike and believable. A frequent traveler, Michael's personal work focuses on the built environment of unique

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I've been looking forward to this for weeks!

So bummed I'm just now reading this; I'll have to catch the recorded version as I'm jumping in half way. Mike Kelly, I love you... in a sort of very manly, respectful, "yo bro, give my a high-five" type of way.

Can't wait to watch; loved the 8 hour video series. I learned a TON!

it was a good talk but there were some tech issues and the screen jumped a few times, so I missed the bit when you showed off your shoes. So go on let's see these shoes you wear

Missed the live stream but no big deal as it's probably better to buy it so I can go back and rewatch it. Can't wait to get home and start watching it

Is there a presentation somewhere available online? Recently, I got an architecture photography course and need to submit an assignment with A presentation would be helpful to know what to aspire.