Gary Jones And His Team Film A Backyard Burger Commercial

It must be food week because so many of the submissions we have gotten have been based on photographing edibles. Today's video features cinematographer Gary Jones and his team of stylists filming a 35mm Back Yard Burger television ad. I'll be honest, there is not that much visual excitement in this behind the scenes video but I think it does show a realistic view of how most food photoshoots go. There is usually a lot of waiting around, tons of fine tuning, and often long periods of tweaking composition when trying to knock out perfect lighting and styling. For this video Gary is using constant lighting to accommodate video instead of strobes typically associated with stills but you should get the same basic idea regardless of the media. I've placed the TV ad first since it is a bit more exciting but I think the dialog in the second video is great for learning as well.

BackYard Burgers Gouda Cheeseburger :30 from Jones Film Video on Vimeo.

35mm Studio Tabletop Food Shoot Behind-the-Scenes from Jones Film Video on Vimeo.

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