[Gear] The "Epic" RED Scarlet-X

I thought I'd start at Fstoppers posting about the newest add-on to the RED camera family. The Red Scarlet-X. If you don't know what RED is, take a second, stop reading, open a new tab on your browser, and visit WWW.RED.COM. For those of you that know about RED and their amazing cameras you're fully aware that they released the RED SCARLET-X this past November of 2011. The camera starts at an amazing low(er) price of $11,700. For a camera that shoots RAW and looks that close to true 35mm at just under $12,000 is just insane! Until the release of their most anticipated camera, the RED EPIC-X ( no release date yet ), the Scarlet-X is still currently the camera to beat in its price range.

Sounds great right? Check out the videos below to see how great the quality can actually be.

So what about the specs? People love specs right?
  1. The Scarlet-X is a 14Megapixel camera that captures 5K redcode stills and 4K motion.
  2. AL CANON EF mount with the optional PL mount if needed.
  3. Captures 1-12 fps at 5K FF for stills
  4. Films 1-30 fps at 4K HD / 1-48 fps at 3K HD /  1-60 fps at 1080p HD / or 1-120 fps at 1K


Weighing in at only 5lbs, this little bad boy can put a visual punch to the human retina. The guys on the video side of the HDSLR world at Cinema5D did a full review of the Scarlet-X and its posted over on at RED's news section.

So you think the Scarlet-X will hold its ground against the Canon C300? Saw some sample footage you thought was amazing?  Share it with us in the comments below and let us know what you think about the new Scarlet-X.

Till next time

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James Karinejad's picture

Exciting stuff! 

nice camera and footage, but enough of skateboarders! bring back inline skating - Brian Aragon 4 president!

Very true, alot of the stuff I see now days is all skateboarding, no BMX / Inline. We need to change that! :)

Patrick Hall's picture

My vote is a waterbaloon fight...maybe California vs Carolina volleyball girls?

well thats obviously California girls will win, unless its 90+ degrees out then Carolina girls win cause Cali girls melt.

uhm... what exactly should I look for in these videos?

C300 will probably win this contest. The RED suffers from the most expensive line of add ons in it's class. On paper it looks like a clear cut above the Canon for the money, but once you build up both cameras they end up costing about the same. Not to mention the RED uses really expensive batteries, shoots big expensive footage (to expensive SSDs), and requires a really expensive post production pipeline. Don't get me wrong, I think it is awesome that these cameras exist at this price point, but for people who are thinking about stepping up to one of these cameras from a dSLR, it will be a rude awakening. For the record, I haven't shot on either of these cams, but I have shot on a ton of different prosumer cams like the F3, AF-100, dSLRs, XH-A1, etc. and I think it is important to stop thinking of these cameras as giant killers, but part of slow movement  towards better, cheaper tools for indie film makers.

Adam T's picture

wow it's only 7 thousand more dollars then what they were originally projected this year. as see at ces 3:35.

Also no fixed lens option, and put more into the sensor, if you need to shoot 4k footage get the red one or epic it makes no sense to buy this since most indie and prosumer people have to get a loan out you might as well just spend a little bit more and get the better version. Originally it was to only shoot 3 and 2k footage and raw stills but made to compete with cameras like the 5d and such.

I was excited about 3 years ago when i heard of this camera that was going to be under $7k and shoot at 2k and now after seeing all prices jump extremely I will wait to see what the competition has to offer next year. 

And yes I'm kicking my self in the a#$ for not getting the red one when it was $17k and waiting for the scarlet to come.  

I spent last summer at an internship where I got to put my grubby little hands on an EPIC-M for a couple months. People talk about a difficult workflow for RED and I'm just confused. What is so difficult about it? It won't edit in iMovie?

A camera like this is obviously not for everyone and expensive is a relative term.