GoPro Mounts Dangerously Close To The Ground

This video has been making its rounds today through the blogosphere and for good reason. Photographer Josh Maready thought it might be interesting to view New York City from the eyes of his skateboard's back wheels by mounting a GoPro video camera dangerously close to the ground. The result is pretty interesting and extremely creative. However we cannot say no camera was harmed in the making of this video; Josh destroyed the first camera and practically vibrated the second one to death. Read more about Josh's simple video project over on his blog. It should be interesting to see what sort of GoPro projects we see in the near future as they make great tools for exciting behind the scenes contest entries!

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Monte Isom's picture

Pretty bad ass.  Josh, you have some moves!

It probably looks faster than it really was because of the point of view, but damn the skater need skills (and luck) not to be killed by a car in the first segment.

Motti Bembaron's picture

At $299 a pop, he just wasted $600 for the fun of it? He must be in his 20's, really stupid or extremely rich.

stupid and 20's doesn't go well together don't you think, old fart? old and moldy sounds better.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Actually 20 and stupid goes very well together. As many young people, you, amazingly enough, think that only "old" people are stupid. The video was a mediocre attempt to create something different. Wasting $600 dollars to create this was a waste and yes, stupid. Not to mention dangerous as he was clearly holding on to vehicles while skateboarding. But I am sure you think that's cool.

Man there's no reason to be such an ass about it, seriously. How would you call it a waste?! Even without the video he discovered a weak point in the supposedly bomb proof cameras... vibration... The vibration caused the lens to unscrew from the body as well as causing the memory card to unseat. In fact, I'd say gopro should take note of these things to make adjustments for an improved product (and market it as such). They should also cover the camera replacement costs and chalk it up to R&D. 

Even if you don't like the style or the content of the video, this guy was willing to take risks to try a new approach with new gear. You don't create unique things by doing the tried and true methods and he deserves some credit for that. A $600 purchase in the name of photography, art, and trying something never done before should not be considered an "extremely rich" level of investment. 

I'm sorry to say but if you're not willing to put $600 worth of skin into the game in the name of something new; you're probably doomed to create cookie cutter photography for the rest of your life until you change your attitude. Did you say the same thing about the guy who went to burning man with $40k worth of equipment and lost one of his Mamiyas?

With risk can come reward, this guy you just insulted understands that and he's probably half your age.

Anesti Vega's picture

I'm sure many people thought that Thomas Edison was completely mad for the thousands of dollars he poured into research and experiments. That is, until he developed the first incandescent light. Reaching the fullest potential of what we are capable of, creatively and scientifically (often going hand in hand), takes many sacrifices that most are not willing to make. Being young also helps because it's an environment where time is on your side, allowing you to focus your mind on all the limitless possibilities. I feel that age doesn't have too much to do with the ambition of being inspirational though, except that it becomes more apparent from those who lacked that very ambition in the first place as they get closer to death. You can side on the idea of practicality and thinking that age always equals wisdom and that's fine. The rest of us "young folk" are too busy working to change and inspire the world to give thought to much else.

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I love skateboarding, but I just didn't find this one all that great...I have seen worse for sure.

haha, cool vid

Ok great idea now I think it would be AMAZING if you can do the same style of shooting but time lapse it!

I bet you was never young Motti..

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Nostradamus foresaw the ultimate, crashing, coalescence of it all  :)

1. GoPro motion
2. Time lapse
3. Super SloMo
4. HDR 


Now I know what the yellow line down the middle of the road is. It's for crazy skateboarders. Who knew

Nick Shek's picture

Interesting video, not seen one shot like that before. Plain stupid to be skating on the roads like that though. Especially with people like me driving about aiming for anything but cars.

Cool video. Hypnotic and kept me on edge watching the recklessness of youth. I remember those days. Thanks for a creative and entertaining (albeit incriminating) video. A few hundred dollars sacrificed in the name of asking "what if", making a plan, executing the plan, and learning from the result. That money spent provided a better education than what you might have received in the lecture hall of many schools. 

Jon Holland and Chris Ray have been using go pro in their latest few transworld films on and in different places to capture unique views. I would say their work is much better see Not Another Transworld Movie, Hallelujah and you'll see this technique was done before and better than what was shown above.

j.j.'s picture

the video began i was like cool, then i was okay... 
and i thought about some of the longboarding guys. 
then at the end of the video he was at a skatepark and i was like, okay cool.
and when he started to do tricks, i was like badass!

now if the whole video could be done while at a skate park...

I give it 7 out of 10.

He probably didn't spend money to get the cameras, they probably gave him the cameras to test, after he convinced them with this idea. So, no bs'ing from me about $600 equipment getting destroyed for awesome footage. Reminds me of those vids from the camera being too close to the shuttle launch, and the one where the camera falls out in the mud when the truck flipped, and the camera that got hit by the drag car.

Casey's picture

This was already done with the gopro cameras in the transworld video hallelujah. It was also done years before in the girl/chocolate tour video called hot chocolate i believe. both were much better

 addictive video ... good idea