This GoPro Video Of A Biker Going Down A Ridge Line Will Leave Your Palms Sweaty

Kelly McGarry is a freeride mountain biker who strapped a GoPro to his helmet and rode away down a narrow ridge. On either side, he would have been met with a steep fall. As if this wasn't amazing enough, he proceeds to do a backflip over a 72-foot canyon gap along the way! He only came up with second place, even with such a great run. 

The video itself left many with sweaty palms. While watching the video, you can't help but wonder the amount of courage these riders have to do something like this. You really get a sense of appreciation viewing riders from this viewpoint.

Red Bull also featured this video of the backflip that shows him at another.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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Sean Shimmel's picture

After all that, I hope this didn't happen at the finish line:

Mr Blah's picture

Can't beleive how dumb that biker is....

Pretty sure the rams where in the woods before us so why wrestle him???

Daniel Walldorf's picture

Pretty amazing stuff... I guess I would crash after 10m and die :D
After all great sport and great footage. Thanks for sharing!

Pratik Naik's picture

I feel I'd probably do the same!

stefano druetta's picture

my feet are in a pool of sweat.

Wayne Harney's picture

My shot of that run. Can't believe he didn't win

Pratik Naik's picture

Great job!

Clint Smith's picture

So I showed this to my 9th grade media tech class....and this is a quote from one of the students - "WOW that was amazing! But I don't see how he was able to pull off all those flips with those heavy steel testicles he has!"

Andrew Gregg's picture

I photograph mtn biking all the time. Back flips are a regular, and yet they never cease to amaze me.

Samson Mathews's picture

Breathtaking pal!