A Hands-On Video of Nikon's Df Camera

Moments after posting our fly by the pants video of the Nikon Df a reader pointed us towards another video by Chris Niccolls of TheCameraStoreTV, which frankly covers it all and generally kicks ass. So I decided to scoot our video to the bottom and share his exception hands-on with you instead.

B&H is now accepting pre-orders for the Nikon Df Cameras in Silver with the 50mm f/1.8 Lens, the Silver Body Only, the Black with 50mm f/1.8 Lens and the Black Body Only versions.

Previously Posted:
I was lucky enough to be invited down to B&H to get the very first hands-on look of Nikon's latest offering, the Nikon Df. For obvious aesthetic reasons I chose to remain behind the scenes and without our regular front man, Lee "pretty face" Morris, B&H's Gabriel Biderman was generous enough to step into the light to give his first impressions (full disclosure: there were no lights, he just kind of shines). So if you've been dying to know what this little gem looks like in-hand, you now know where to click.

The much less awesome video:


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I love the rant at the end about video.

Hah! they told us that it was the only one in the US. This video makes the one above pointless.

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Yip. He must have been sitting on that vid for awhile before the lock was lifted yesterday.

That is Calgary, Alberta Canada. That's where the Camera Store is based. So they may have been right.

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The Camera Store from this video Ben linked to is Canadian - Calgary company so if BH said they have the only body in US at the moment they might be telling the truth :)

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Different battery? Deal breaker for me

I agree, I own a few Nikons and most if not all use the same battery.

Does he have really tiny hands or something? All the camera look huge in his hands. I almost didn't buy the fuji x100 after seeing how big it was in his hands, but it's tiny!

No sir, I dont believe his hands are tiny. The DF is quite chunky

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What about putting a lavalier mic on the guy; maybe we'd be able to hear what he's babbling about . . :-(

Lol, the end part of the camera store video is funny

"It has no video!"

"Traditional command dial........." Hilarious statement! Surprised no one caught that. I guess it is a statement about the age of the viewers of the video......and the guy in the video to call it "traditional." Bwahhhhhhhhhh!