How To Create An Animated Look With Real Life Objects

German motion graphics studio Sehsucht recently created a fantastic promo video for o2 Think Big. Unlike most commercials today, these guys decided to do almost everything by hand. Check out the finished product below and then the BTSV below that. I bet you will be pretty surprised by what is "real" and what isn't.

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Peter Quinn's picture

nice bastarding work.


Pretty cool!

That was awesome. Nuff said.

Wayne Leone's picture

Its not only great to be able to have a great idea, but to execute it so well is fantastic. These guys did both. Great post.


Tomek Fryszkiewicz's picture

Awesome! Very creative! :)

JohnBoumaFotografie's picture

very cool


patrick's picture

very nice!!! amazing! great job guys! 

Realist's picture

very nice

reminds me of the Google Chrome commercials 

David La Roche's picture

that is some solidly awesome stuff :D