How to Make Instagram Story Vlogs

I don't know about you, but I often find myself in this weird limbo state with Instagram. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing really well with how I interact with those that I follow and those that follow me. Yet there are still plenty of other times when I stop and just wonder how the hell am I supposed to put this app to any use? Social media is changing the way that content is created, the way it is shared, and even the way it is understood by those who view it. I am continually learning about how to best put it to use the way that it is designed to function.

It's a never-ending learning curve, one that changes with each new app update, and it's one where the rules are constantly being changed. Yes, I am totally cognizant of the fact that not every single one of you who might read this will be interested in improving your Instagram game, or getting into it if you're not already. But this much is fairly clear, ever since Facebook decided to take on Snapchat head on and roll out their platforms for what are known as Stories, this is one feature that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The statistics alone of how beneficial these stories are for people and how many people actually engage with them is pretty impressive.

Personally, I'm still just in a spot where I'm not entirely sure what I want my relationship to be with Instagram and Facebook and how to best put this particular feature to use. I have been doing a lot of reading, a lot of browsing around and researching, just to get an idea of how other people have put the features to work for them. I stumbled upon this video just this morning and was instantaneously fascinated with the ideas presented. I honestly had never thought to put more work like this into something that I thought was just another cheap social media gimmick. But the more I watched, the more I realized how beneficial these tools really can be if you use them well. This video by Gab Loste really does offer some great tips and advice for making the most of your Instagram Stories by creating polished vlogs specifically for Instagram.

[via Gab Loste]

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