How To Shoot And Combine Timelapse With Video

We have posted a lot of timelapse videos on Fstoppers but very few of them are very informative. In the video below Jay P Morgan takes us through the setup of a quick timelapse video. Jay does a great job of combining a timelapse created from stills and standard video shot at 24fps.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of

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I love doing timelapse, to bad those sliders are so expensive..

forget the sliders... my heart goes out to that poor little gnome.

Simple yet so effective, finally something different to all the other timelapse videos we've had over the last few months

forget the gnome..... what about that hammer. it must really suck to be a hammer where all you do is hit things with your head.

why was the U.S. flag touching the ground?

proably for framing reasons, as you can see he is recording at ground lvl this is a really good example of combining timelapse with video, its not amazing timelapse but for a guy that taped his camera to the roof of his car and kept switching from one to the other i think its pretty good
also whos yard has that many snails..... i realized this was stagged but still

what are some of the more popular methods (software) of turning photos into timelapse videos?  i'm guessing it's pretty limitless, but does anyone have suggestions? (inexpensive to more complex) thanks.

I do all of mine in Quick Time Player 7. Under file you open image sequence. It very easy to do.

Just goes to show that preparation is everything..  So bored of seeing static time-lapse videos of cities and sunsets.  But as always my favourite part of Jay's videos is the opening with himself holding the camera but doesn't quite pull of the die hard look. LOL, it's hilarious.

Awesome Jay, great tutorial as always!