[Humor] How You Should Be Cleaning Your Camera Lenses

Nick Kelsh kindly brings us an 'elegant' video from the Kelsh Institite For Advanced Photograph Thinking on how to clean your precious lenses. We never had a great way to clean our lenses till now. Once you see this fantastic method, you'll be convinced immediately. Thank you Nick, the results worked great on our lenses! 

Thank you to Raul Y. Singson for the find!


From Pratik:

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My glass came out with spots on it!!!  :(

thats not fun, thats painfull

RUSS's picture

my lens fell apart in the dryer. what a rip off!


That was about as painful to watch as this 

this shit ain't funny. i wanna jump in there and smack him about the head!

Great tip, I'll get right on that with some L lenses.

i'm with Timothy..... :(

Major's picture

...This video makes me want to remove Fstoppers from my bookmarks.

Erika Fenton's picture

I almost puked watching this.


I think I am going to power-puke. Oh, the humanity!

This is not funny and you should not be condemning such wastefulness. Shame fstoppers.

I can't wait until some moron takes this seriously and does it to one of his lenses.   It's why most of these humor videos have the "idiot disclaimer" at the end!

tektek's picture

Help i just tried this with my friend's 24-70 L lens and now its all blurry, is it because of the toilet brush i used ? someone please help me ahhhhh!!!!!!

Phil's picture

It shrunk!!...gone from 35-70 to 20-55...but now fits my mate's Olympus

Winston Gee's picture

I thought after cleaning, it might have turned into a white Canon L lens....