[Humor] What If You Could Photoshop Your Life?

Whether its working on the latest screencast on how to remove your ex from that photo of last nights party, or creating a masterpiece for the world to see with a 1,000 picture composited image. Maybe it's even pixel pushing late nights to get that rounded corner perfect on a login tab for your clients website, we all are addicted to PHOTOSHOP. We all have the Photoshop chops on the computer Mac and PC users alike. What if we could take those skills and have them in REAL LIFE. How would you use them? I'd most likely tackle some of those scratches off my car, some free beer into my fridge, stretch my legs out so I can be 6FT!!

Watch this video from the creative guys at hyperakt.com. Think of the possibilities!

Do you have PSD? How would you use PSD in daily life? Could be for good, maybe for bad! Let us know in the comments, don't be shy.

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Benicio Murray's picture

We're you hung over when you wrote the opening paragraph Jake?

Stacy Martin's picture

If I had the ability to use Photoshop in my every day life, I'd definitely used it to add more freckles to my face, erase unwanted things around me in the blink of an eye and add more sun and sunshine to Washington State!

Pratik Naik's picture

I can forsee the liquify tool being huge with people in real life.