It's Now Possible To Look 20 Years Younger In Video

Foton inc. recently released a video showing off their video retouching skills. As photographers most of us know the time it takes to make someone look younger in a still image but what if you had to do that with video, frame by frame. To do this Foton created a new retouching technique they have named “Age Reduction FX".

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Tobias Solem's picture

Why is her clothing changing between before and after?

I think when you get older your body, skin starts to get loose. They tightened it up. 

Albert Zablit's picture

her clothes didn't change. her mensurations slightly did.

Jens Marklund's picture

Probably just trying to make them fit better, and look younger that way.

They used a similar technology on the Sex and the City movie I believe. 

lol, I'd love to see that BTSV

Brandon Luckain's picture

This could do wonders for the adult film industry.

Jacques's picture

 Or for the mass media portraying person A instead of person B at an important meeting...

Lola FX was one of the pioneers of this technique, they've been doing it in Hollywood productions for nearly 10 years.

Digital Anarchy makes a plug-in that does this exact thing: Beauty Box ($199)

Tam Nguyen's picture

Naaaaaaaaaaice! Dude it doesn't even look like the same person.

Felix's picture

New Star Wars with original cast please? 

BRAND | Photography's picture

I understand the tracking and getting rid of the wrinkles, but how would you get the skin to look like it's stretching and moving as normal skin would?

I'm chocked ! Wow ! :-o

Work like this is nothing new. In fact with some tracking and a couple clean plates you could accomplish this very same thing in say After Effects/Mocha.