James Cameron Shows Off His New Toy

I was one of the few people on the planet that actually wasn't a huge fan of Avatar but I did love the special effects. James and his team had to create new technology to produce the most successful movie of all time. Check out his camera setup below.

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YOu werent the only one that wasnt a fan of that movie. I tried to watch it a second time to see if it would grow on me and I turned it off aafter 10 minutes.

You were definitely not alone in your AVATAR disappointment. I liked the visuals, but thought the writing was terrible. Couldn't believe how much effort was put into the visuals, but how little work seemed to go into the script.

A lot of concept with little heart.

Yep ! before spending millions on visuals, just hire a good scripwriter !

I mean really, it's only the single most grossing film of all time. Perspective moment. Most people can barely string subject and verbs together to write a proper email so what would they know about writing a movie script. The writing was good, the story, yes we've seen before in other variations but still a great story. There's a lot to be learned about the film making process from Avatar. Didn't mean to rant.

Thankfully (and unbelievably) I'd never heard much at all about Avatar, except for it was "a sci-fi with blue aliens". Going in to it, not expecting anything, was awesome! Because I got one of the best theatre experiences of my life! Was it the greatest movie ever made? Probably not. But it sure was an awesome experience that not only made you feel like you were in the world of Pandora, but made you WANT to be in that world.
Just saying...

Stephen and Ross may have a point. Especially about not having heard much about it before seeing it. I on the other hand saw it after it came out on BD. Still tho, I cant watch it more than once.

The movie aside, Cameron is not scared to try out new technology. I mean, T2 still looks amazing.

"I was one of the few people on the planet that..."
not true at all, believe me, my friend!! ^_^

The movie sucked big time!!!

Amazing effects! basically why i went to see it...

But the movie reeked, I cant beleive Cameron had the script waiting there for 10 years till he got the technology to do it! He should have got some review the script in the meantime

I loved the movie. I ended up watching it twice here in Korea; once in 3-D, once in 2-D. I have to say, I loved it both times.