Jared Polin Interviews Former Chicago Sun-Times Photojournalist Al Podgorski

It wasn't long ago that the art of photojournalism was handed another pink slip when the Chicago Sun-Times decided to lay off all but 2 of their photo staff in favor of iPhone wielding freelancers. In this video, Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo interviews Al Podgorski who was one of the last staff photographers at the paper to talk about his last days at the paper, highlights of his career, and the future of the photojournalism industry.


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This interview makes my heart hurt, I hope he finds another great positions soon

Al Podgorski not Al Podgorsky


a reoccurring theme is how much photographers support each other, we all work in such a nicer environment i think

I concur. The industry used to seem very cut throat and very unsupportive. But when you're in a group of sharks that are about die the same death by an outside hand, all you've got is each other.