Kenneth Volpe On Mixing Ambient Light With Strobes

NYC-based commercial photographer Kenneth Volpe sat down with the good folks over at Profoto to give some insight on the way he lights his images and a bit of his philosophy when it comes to his photography business, Transposure. With Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Engineering, Kenneth is a guy that definitely understands fine light and exhibits it in the way he makes his photos. Check out the full write up over at the Profoto Blog.

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What's with all the hating?! For one, ANY company is going to put out information that promotes their brand. That shouldn't be a shocker to anyone. Don't knock this guy for that. He believes in his equipment and makes very valid points. Swap lighting terminology for camera bodies names and the same points can be made! I agree that you want to have different gear than the art director, whether it be Profoto lights or a Canon 1Dx camera body. If they have better gear than you, they may question you. If you can afford it, than why risk that doubt?!

People also have their preferences and you can't bash someone for having an opinion that studio strobes are better for them in this type of shoot than speedlights.

Chill out people.

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I like Keen. Keen makes sense.

whats wrong with having a little gear lust... i'm sure everyone here would love to have the ProPhoto gear if it were given to them..... we live in commercialized world, and I'm sure everyone of you markets yourself too..... come on guys, don't piss off Patrick and Lee, they've done an excellent job on this site, save your rage for other world pressing matters, hardly worth the effort on this site.......

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On the topic of balancing stobes with daylight. I often find my weakest strobe too powerful to balance with daylight while shooting at f/2.8.

Take the scenario, a portrait in a a dark-ish hallway of a house. You want to use the light that's coming from the cracked front door and you want to shoot it open. Adding a strobe to light the subject blows the exposure way out. How do you guys deal with this issue?

Ps. Mobile light kit: el quadrant ranger, 100 octa.