Kickstarter Iphone Camera Captures Your World In 360 Degrees

Kickstarter is a fun website that allows inventors to demo their prototypes in an effort to raise funding for an actual product. The company Kogeto creates 360 degree pano devices, and recently they tackled making a fun accessory for the greatest fashion photography camera: the iPhone. David Sosnow demos how the Kogeto Dot will work if put into production as well as how their own mapping software combines the footage into a explorable 360 video not unlike the Yellowbird Camera we featured last year. I know many of you will say this sort of thing is pretty gimmicky but I think there is a ton of potential for this sort of videography in events, weddings, action sports, etc. Check out this 360 video of Muse playing last year. I can only imagine what people would do having this technology in their phone.

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cool guys redimensionate it i just gave you the RAW nice Edit lol

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 Loving the creativity people have in creating useful tools and real world applications with the iPhone. Brilliant!

I'd love to see one of these for a standard 55mm lens. Attach like a mat box, Place vertically, and shoot on professional capture mediums. It would be neat to shoot a narrative or documentary like this.