The Last 3 Minutes: Amazing Video from the 5D Mark II

This video was sent in by a reader a few weeks ago and I was completely blown away. However it really did not fit our format because we had no behind the scenes video to accompany it. Luckily Shane Hurlbut with Hurlbut Visuals decided to release a behind the scenes video showcasing why and how he used the Canon 5D Mark II for this short film. It's really quite amazing and the creative thinking behind the whole project is top notch. Good work guys!

"The Last 3 Minutes" Directed by Po Chan from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

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That was a very well thought out and put together piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

This movie is awesome. Great idea, stunning scenes and it has a cool making-of. Thanks for that!

Only seen it now.....Stunning work all round. Congratulations to all concerned. I am a 5d convert. Thx for sharing all your insight Shane and Co...very inspiriring indeed. tai krige sasc.