A Little Bit About Recording Audio

The guys over at Stillmotion have been a huge source of inspiration to us at Fstoppers. If you haven't checked out their vimeo channel, head over there and be prepared to watch hundreds of well shot wedding videos. They have also released a really informative video on how to use different microphones for your video projects and BTS videos. Once you start getting into filming video, capturing good audio is going to be of up most importance to you. Anyone remember those horrible audio tracks on some of our BTS contest videos? Well now you have no excuse for getting good audio of your own.

introduction to audio with DSLRs from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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Very helpful video. I was just thinking the other day about how great audio has been recorded on a lot of the videos I see here.

Now that we are doing more video, we are finding out how important audio quality is and what we need. Thanks for the post, I'll pass it along to our videographer.

Liked the idea of the solid state recorder. The few weddings i've done I just hooked up the camera to the sound board and added a lav mic to the groom and ran it through the system. Had to piece together a very long XLR to my camera. Lot less cables with the recorder!

O Wow Wonderful . That's very unique and helpful video for audio recording. I was a very long time search like video so today finished my searching here.

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Great overview. In just 6 minutes - I now have a good handle on my sounds options. My guess is you have help sell lots of H4N's.

It's interesting watching people talk about audio because everyone on the interwebs as it seems to be using the same equipment (Rode Videomic, Zoom H4N, Sennheiser G3's etc). I wonder if that is because it is the best or because everyone on the interwebs recommends them? That is a chicken or egg sort of question isn't it. I say chicken!