The Main Colors Used in the Seven Seasons of 'Game of Thrones'

Color plays such an important role in photography and video. It sets the mood, creates the atmosphere, and leaves the viewer with an emotional impression of what they experienced. "Game of Thrones" is most likely one of the most watched series of the past few years. It has dragons, medieval-style characters, a wall, wars, and superb actions scenes and special effects. Vox analyzed every season by playing each episode back and taking a screenshot every 10 seconds.

I know many photographers who use Instagram as a marketing platform try and keep a certain color style within their work and throughout their feed. It's a way to differentiate and create a certain trust from the viewer. It makes it easier to identify your work, and clients can expect that tones from you when you get commissioned for a project. I mainly shoot black and white, but even then I still adjust the colors to get certain grays and blacks to show like I want them to. 

I think it's important to see color as a tool. It gives your project a framework. When I make a mood board for a shoot, I try include colors that compliment each other and sets the tone. It gives the stylists, make-up artists, and clients an idea of what direction I want to take with the shoot. How do you use color to tell a story?

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Christian Berens's picture

i was always intrigued by the color hues in the show, it's amazing what their little details (not saying color tone is little) are to make the show what it is!

Anonymous's picture

This is awesome! Im glad someone actually did this scientifically (or at least being very thorough). I am huge fan of the show and there is a noticeable from the first season and the later seasons. From the way its shot to the colors. But the colors have always caught my eye and it seemed intentional as the passing the show goes from Summer to Winter.

I have really learned a lot from Game of Thrones behind the scenes and things like this.

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wow - so pointless