Hearing From the Architect: Nowness Explains the Beauty of a Home

When it comes to homes and designs like this, they need to be shown in a way that makes them unique. Emile Rafael from Nowness is by far one of the best at showing these homes and giving us a brief overview of why they are designed in such a way. Over the past year or so, I have shot for several real estate agents, seen many homes, and have learned to appreciate different things about each and every one.

Over time things may grow on you, and for me, architecture is something that never fails to amaze me. Each shot in this video is so simple and smooth, allowing the viewer to focus on the space. When Emile cuts to details of the building such as the ceilings, pillars, railings, and even some of the furniture that decorates the space, we get a larger sense of what makes it so special. I am always inspired by the details in these places and really think it is something important that shows why a certain space stands out from another. On top of this simplistic approach with the shooting, the voice-over complements the whole video giving us direct insight from the architect himself and why he designed things the way he did. 

All in all, I think a simple, short piece like this stands out amongst a lot of other architectural and real estate videos because of its style and simplicity. Some say less is more and that point is proven pretty clearly here. As someone who is shooting stuff like this day after day, I am inspired by this type of work and would encourage people to look at some work in the field that they like. This could help you get ideas on how to improve your current work, just by looking at what else is out there. While you don't want to mimic exactly what you are seeing, you can work off some of the ideas and things you liked. I think one of the best ways to improve your work is by challenging yourself to achieve the level of the ones you look up to.

For more work from Emile, check out his Website or Instagram.

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Anonymous's picture

"...the Sistine Chapel – ghastly!" I couldn't get past that. :-/

Robert Umenhofer's picture

Ditto. He's a bit full of himself.

Janaka Rodrigue's picture

If you listened - you would have picked up that he said whilst he was referring to his love of old original things showing their original patina of age, admiring broken things, mended things, more than the new. He then said the Sistine Chapel was ghastly, likely because of the very controversial restoration works that took place in the 1980's-1990's where the ceiling was stripped back of all dirt/grime but also in the process of doing so, supposedly some of the original artists work. In my opinion he was simply stately it's ghastly that it could not have just been left to age beautifully, as intended.

Anonymous's picture

I understood his context and point of view. I happen to disagree. My wife has a coffee cup, her friend made for her, with an image of a dog we used to have on it. She broke it and we tried to glue it back together. It ended up looking like the vase in the video. I would much prefer it to look like it originally did, rather than the obvious seams from where it was broken. His point of view is valid but to denigrate an opposing view, by stating the Sistine Chapel is ghastly, is off putting. Perhaps unconsciously, he's saying everyone who likes it, as-is, is an ignorant buffoon.

That. Is. Remarkable. ...Wow.

Jonathan Reid's picture

As a historical study or a tourist attraction, this architecture works, but surely anyone into contemporary architecture would be out off by the fake oldness, the overly decorative. It looks like a country house for the Trumps.