Man Records a First Person POV of Plane Crash

Man Records a First Person POV of Plane Crash

With video now available to most people through their phones and devices, not only can people easily capture the happy memories on the spot, they can also video the horrifying ones. For a birthday gift for his wife, Jonathan Fielding and his family took a flight over snow covered Utah. When the pilot announced that the carburetor had iced over, Jonathan pulled out his phone and filmed the impending crash.

Thankfully, everyone walked away from the crash without any major injuries.



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Reminds me of this video I saw last year

I have seen this video, have not read the details about it, but it looks like the typical overloaded plane attempting to take off with a Density Altitude too high for the plane to actually fly. The only reason it flew as far as it did was because he was in GROUND EFFECT, once he climbed out of ground effect, the plane no longer wanted to fly with that much weight on a hot day. Either that, again, not having read the details... either it was Density Altitude or one thing I noticed is the engine did not seem to be at an RPM that would indicate full power on the take off. It just did not sound like he had the throttle wide open to me... as he should have until he reached TPA. Weird watching that one! I suspect Density Altitude miss or no calculation, but that engine sound is disturbingly quiet.

Someone had told me about this, craziness!!!

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For those two posters that wanted to slap the watched it didn't ya?...i bet you even went back and watched it again...and somewhat enjoyed watching it ....if he didn't record it, you'd have nothing to watch OR complain about for that please....just SHUT THE FUCK UP and keep your opinions to yourself!.......Look at your own short comings and flaws before you point the you can point that fuckin' finger up your ass!!  You douche-bag opinionated judgmental cunts!!

So true...If I hadn't watched it I wouldn't have complained. If I hadn't complained you wouldn't have been able to give such a moving lesson in keeping personal opinions to one's self. Sounds like you had a bad day and just needed someone to vent to and I'm sure you felt better afterwards, you're welcome. Hope today goes better for you.

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The pilot nearly killed all and dude apologized for the plane. The pilot laughed and apologized too. WTF.

The engine failure due to the icing in the carbonator nearly killed them all. The pilot was able to safely land the plane without anyone being injured. I think he did pretty damn well all things considered. 

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 That was my thought too.  I am a pilot, and I have made a couple of forced landings over the decades, though I never flipped my plane. (A renter of one of my planes DID flip and destroy one of my planes, but he also walked away unscathed).

Those roads looked pretty inviting to me.  I would not have landed on a snow field with a fixed landing plane, as it is a surefire way to flip the plane.  With retractable gear, you could belly-in, but not with wheels down...

Burt, he had way too much altitude and opportunity to clear the carbs, there should not have been a forced landing at all. The plane is designed to clear the carbs, I've done it, adding C-Heat and leaning should have been the first thing he did. If the engine died, C-Heat and allow it to thaw, then lean and attempt a restart and yes... lots of roads to choose from, unknown deep snow with fixed gear would have been my second choice. Glad everyone lived... his piloting skills need to be reevaluated before he can fly again.

You have a baby on the plane, tend to the baby and your wife. IDIOT.
still after landing wants to film, your baby, check your baby. MORON.