Mark Romanek Gives Commentary On NIN's Closer Video

Mark Romanek is one of the all time greatest music video producers. His vision for Nine Inch Nail's Closer video created a lot of controversy back when it was released in 1994 but now lives on as one of the greatest music videos of all time. I can still recall the first time I saw this on MTv and how it made me feel. Check out this long behind the scenes video of Mark and Trent Reznor talking about the concept for the video as they work towards filming something that had really never been done at the time.

NIN: The Making of the "Closer" Video from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

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Daniel's picture

This was cool to see! I especially liked how the director continually referred to inspiration that he took from images.

Was this video run on MTV initially? I remember seeing it but don't recall if it was on MTV or some other channel..

Thanks guys for your courage and generosity.

Matt Green's picture

Nice call-back. This is from an era where I didn't wonder, "How did they do this?" I love the Hoodman t-shirt BTW.

Richard's picture

Wow. Ridiculous props for this. I'm so used to seeing behind the scenes vids from the past few years, I never would have imagined seeing pull back video for something like this. Much less commentary from one of the creators. This blew my mind.

Zazone's picture

Until now I have never seen the video or heard the song...quick trip to iTunes and job done. Thanks for posting the BTS vid, it's really sweet.
I agree with the director, it does have Prince feel (when he was a rocker)

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Funny how inspired they were by images and this video, in turn, inspired a generation of photographers.

Brian's picture

I always assumed a major influence for this video was Joel Peter Witkin's photos. I was surprised not to hear his name mentioned as an inspiration. Very interesting to see the intensive production work.

Harry Pehkonen's picture

I can't watch it -- I get a big no-you're-not-allowed-to sign. I assume it's the region settings on vimeo, but I'm just guessing. I'm not sure how to feel about this, and who to direct it at, but I'm not happy about it.

I feel excluded.