Matthew McConaughy Directs Country Star Jamey Johnson's Video

A few months ago I got a call from one of country star Jamey Johnson's managers asking me to take some photographs of him while he was passing through South Carolina. Since Jamey was born in my hometown of Enterprise Alabama I was pretty excited to work with the real deal country artist (not a pop country bone in this guy for sure). Long story short our schedules weren't able to work. So I was excited today when I came across a BTS video of his new single Playing the Part which was directed by Matthew McConaughy. Few people ever get to experience what it's like on set of a music video so I thought this tongue in cheek video was a good way for you guys to watch how it all goes down.

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This is great...a good friend of mine writes for Jamey Johnson in Nashville and climbed the ropes of success with him. This past summer he played in WPB and I had the chance to hang out for a while with he and his crew...very real dude and good to know there are still some real country music guys out there.

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Great behind the scenes look and it's it amazing how DSLRs are making their mark on traditional video areas. So what's next for photographers to translate into Photo-Videographers?

BTS of music videos are always my favorite. Something about getting it together in a short time and bringing together such different scenes to turn make a cohesive piece.