'ICONS': Six Iconic Images Re-Created In One Seamless Shot

Have you ever tried to recreate an iconic image? It could take days of preparations to get anywhere close to the original. The location needs to be perfect, the makeup and wardrobe need to be spot on and the lighting needs to be accurate. In this incredible video created by "US" (Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor) for The Sunday Times Culture, they managed to re-create 6 iconic images, in camera, in one seamless shot. Check out the final result and the BTS showing how they shot it.

If the idea look familiar, it's probably because just few days ago we shared the amazing music video created by Bobby Bruderle for musician G-Eazy which shows a different use of the same concept/method.

From the creator of the video: "This is all about those iconic cultural images that we pin to our walls and stick in our minds. We all have our favourites. Heisenberg, Kraftwerk, and Banksy’s kissing coppers all featured in early scripts, but we wanted to take a snapshot of what’s making the headlines in 2014. Daft Punk winning big at the Grammy's, The final series of Mad Men, and Tarantino are all over the media right now. These people and their work have left an indelible mark and we’ll probably still be talking about them in ten, twenty maybe even a hundred years years time. The TV spot is a respectful nod to it all"

Check out the BTS video showing how this great commercial was shot:

The Sunday Times - Making of Icons from Us on Vimeo.

Director - Us
Production Company - Academy Films
Executive Producer - Lizie Gower
Producer - Juliette Harris

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Sean Mason's picture

Couldn't get the video to load. Found it on youtube. Awesome!


Jaron Schneider's picture

Seeing this makes me feel utterly inadequate with my own creative vision. Darn that was good.

Lee Morris's picture

that was amazing

Dennis "Denn_Ice" Cacho's picture

That left me speechless. I've been watching it over and over.

Stephen Vosloo's picture

Mind... blown...

Timothy Jace's picture

nice. No star wars involved? lol

Keegan Evans's picture

Wow. That was insanely cool. Thanks for sharing this!

Luke Benson's picture

Awesome. Very similar to Jay-Z's Rhapsody commercial too

Martin Racicot's picture
Adam's picture

Similar concept and thanks for sharing as I've never seen it. That is not all one shot/scene like the OP though.

Nikonos's picture

Heres another really cool one, same concept just done a little differently


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This is eFing awesome!!

Elmer Escobar's picture

That's amazing. Very creative