Myspace Re-Aims Its Sights On Creatives

Lunch time here at work which means it's time to set the stylus down and lurk Facebook. Once upon a time I would have been saying "time to lurk Myspace," and it looks like that time could be coming back. Myspace is rebuilding itself from the ground up, and it honestly looks stunning.

As I scrolled through my newsfeed on Facebook, two friends back to back linked the above video stating, "new Myspace looks awesome." After watching the video and then cruising over to I realized that Myspace is setting it's sights on creatives. Here is the mission statement found on

We’re hard at work building the new Myspace, entirely from scratch. But we’re staying true to our roots in one important way—empowering people to express themselves however they want. So whether you’re a musician, photographer, filmmaker, designer or just a dedicated fan, we’d love for you to be a part of our brand new community.

I will be honest, I always liked how myspace handled music and bands, which is something I have often thought Facebook fell short on. It would seem though that Myspace is looking to reel back in creatives in general. I wonder what this could mean. Could it mean high res photo sharing (Another area Facebook fails at in my eyes). Could it mean HD video sharing? Judging by the video above it looks promising, but I guess only time will tell.

What do you think about this? If the new Myspace turns out to be as promising as the video above, will you be dusting off your old Myspace account, or do you think this is a last ditch effort for the guys who took social networking to a whole new level the first time they launched? My thought is even if they can make it appealing enough to creatives, there is no point if potential clients won't also be frequenting the site. In an era when online social networking is becoming a very major marketing tool, will Myspace deliver or just fall short? Only time will tell I guess.


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Awesome piece and you hit on some great points. MySpace has always been the superior social networking site for music. Always. I, too, wonder if this Pinterest-esque feel tailored towards creatives will reel people back in. I can't say one way or the other either, but I can say this, I am intrigued. 

Awesome piece and you hit on some great points. MySpace has always been
the superior social networking site for music. Always. I, too, wonder if
this Pinterest-esque feel tailored towards creatives will reel people
back in. I can't say one way or the other either, but I can say this, I
am intrigued. 

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Good article. I think MySpace as a brand has done itself irreparable damage by not evolving over the last decade. To do so now is probably a case of 'too little too late'. 

Judging by the video, they've been heavily (read: completely) influenced by Pintrest, which further illustrates the point that the creative juices just aren't flowing at MySpace. 

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Ironically I jumped ship on MySpace because of everyone customizing their pages with pictures and audio etc etc and when internet was so slow it took forever for peoples pages to come up. Facebook was simple, very little customization, and loaded fast because it was so bland. NOW though it could be a great opportunity in social media.

I worry about it taking after Pinterest to much and making it to easy for people to steal.. err I mean 'share' your work. It does look nice from that short video preview though!

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Damn. I like that.

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I liked myspace best. I only switched to facebook to follow the others I knew that left myspace. My account is still active on mysapce. Just unvisited ,,,until reading this hehe :)

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It's like your ex calls you, out of nowhere, and says she now understands your communication, creative and aesthetic needs. But, you've been seeing this girl called Facebook for 4 years now... It's complicated.

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...its an design dainty!!! 

excellent! looks promising. Also, here is the music video for the JJAMZ song being used:

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Went for the video. Stayed for the song.

such ironic lyrics "hated you such a long long time" "maybe I'm ashamed to love you again" - Myspace sure knows its place.

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Well, Opera browser is... actual quote "Not so fast!

Our superpowers have detected you're using an outdated browser. That must mean:
You don't use the Internet very often.
You're at your parents' place on the PC they bought in 1996.
You work for the government or a big corporation.

There's still hope. If you answered a or b, all you need to do is click on one of the beautiful icons below, follow the instructions and you'll be enjoying the new Myspace in a jiffy."

F U MySpace. Not a single second chance will be given :))

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Each time I hear someone try to use "creative" as a noun, a little part of me dies inside.

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Sorry to offend you, but it was easier than making a title that said, "Myspace Re-Aims Its Sights On Musicians, Photographers, Designers, Film Makers, And Artists Of Other Mediums"

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there is always the reliable "creative people"

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Didn't Myspace always want to cater to "creatives"? That's where you used to find most bands, and even visual artists looking to network, back in the days. 

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I agree although I don't think the original "mission" of myspace was to cater to the creative mind.. At least not as obvious as they are attempting to now.

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If you can't tell by the video, Justin Timberlake invested heavily into the company and wanted to bring it back as an outlet for the creative mind. It looks good enough that I'll probably revamp my old myspace account next week in preparation.

perhaps his role in The Social Network got him thinking...

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If Facebook/Twitter/Pintrest had a baby.... it would be the new Myspace :)   Looks interesting and anything above and beyond the old format is a huge plus. That being said... the competition is steep... and they fell off the map. To make a comeback... is going to be a huge challenge. 

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I don't think it would be that much of a huge challenge. Think about how many dormant accounts would be reactivated if the new platform proves to be a success.

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I miss everyone's custom site with their music radio. I had friends who surfed up many bands that I would never hear otherwise. I miss the artist who always had their newest photo or art right up front and not buried in a time line with hundreds of plates of food, football stats and political rants. 
I hope facebook dies flat on it's face.

I like the look of the new platform.  Looks very interesting.

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I'd be interested if it did reel in creatives and genuine music fans.  FB now has the attention of the unthinking masses who do nothing but post silly memes and troll each other.  Myspace may be a great escape for people that want to genuinely network and share...