[News] Photographer Kills, Rare, Earless, Mutant Rabbit

[News] Photographer Kills, Rare, Earless, Mutant Rabbit

The Limbach-Oderfrohna Zoo in Eastern Germany was holding a big media event to introduce three-week-old Til. Til was (that's right, I said "was") a rare earless mutant rabbit, that met a tragic end when a photographer took a backward step into the animal’s pen crushing him. Until that moment (ironically) Til was living in a private enclosure for his protection even though there had been requests to put him on show to the public.

Til died instantly as Zoo official's aspirations of world-wide fame for him, were crushed... ummm dashed... ahh trampled... I'm going to just stop now. Then again, between this story and the possibility of Til being stuffed for display, he may still get his 15 minutes of fame.

Let this be a lesson to all you photographers out there. Chimping kills. (Oh! I see a t-shirt in this.)

Remember the lesson we learned from this guy? Apparently Til's killer didn't.

Update: Some of our more observant reads have found other articles that prove the "photographer" to actually be a camerman. But hey, it's a fluff piece.
via [NPR]
From Kenn:
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Ok! Next website to correct! :)  He was a CAMERAMAN not a PHOTOGRAPHER!


Haha, nice catch

Ya, I sourced 3 english sites and 2 of the 3 said photographer and 1 said cameraman.  I wasn't sure which for sure but ultimately it seemed pretty moot for a fluff piece.

I live in germany and the story made the buzz here! So I think I'm better informed than the other 2 sites ;D
If you take look at German sites (with Google Translator), they all said it was a Cameraman (Even there's Pictures of him there).
It's really not important now! I just like FStoppers.com for it's accuracy and seriousness and I just wanted to stay so ;)

"Chimping kills." hahaha I love it. Wait. No I don't. This is sad. 

"Til" death do us part. 

I'm trying to find the part of the article where it explains that "photographer" was chimping and not simply stepping backwards carelessly?  The article explains a camera man was shooting the rabbit, which was place on the ground in front of him.  The rabbit hopped behind the camera man, who took a step back and killed the rabbit.  Next lesson for all the photographers out there is not to make up stories to try and make a point.

My main source was NPR and they didn't go into (or have that detail).  It's a fluff piece... get over it.  ;P

I guess in a fluff piece, journalistic integrity is as useless as an earless rabbit.

"television cameraman"

"The cameraman, who apparently stepped directly on the bunny as it scampered around during filming"

"hopped behind the cameraman during filming in his small hay-strewn stall"

"stepped on and killed by a cameraman covering the bunny’s first press conference"

You mean "was" a cameraman.

So what? By eating meat you kill a lot of animals every day. And not by an accident. Some of them are becoming really rear too...
Some of you might think that it is a different topic, but it's not.