Nissan Has A New Electric Car; And Polar Bears Love It.

Nissan has a new commercial out that is pretty clever. Whether you believe in global warming or not you probably still lust after a car that uses less gas and doesn't require half a Benjamin at the gas pump. The idea Nissan had for their new car the Leaf was to follow a polar bear around as he travels across the US trying to track down the owner of the new electric car. I always love seeing behind the scenes videos of real commercials running on tv and being able to give commentary during commercial breaks. Now everyone, go out and grab a potentially dangerous wild animal and start making your own BTS videos :)
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Ghislain Leduc's picture

Now, who is ready to sell their Big SUVs and get an electric car?
I sold my turbo 1.8T Jetta for a Hyundai Elentra, I save at least 60$ per month in gaz... hopefully my next car will be electrical... but we have to be careful about something... if we need more and more energy, that means we will need more nuclear and that could be 10000000000 time worst than the Gulf disaster this year....

Daniel Johansson's picture

Made my eyes tear up. The polarbear is soo beautiful.

Dean Webber's picture

Beautiful Ad. I feel like rushing out and buying electric.

Hunter's picture

Nissan really captured the viewers emotion and the sound track added to the intensity. Good marketing for sure.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Beautifully shot and I think it hits a nerve. Shame I bought a new Nissan a couple years ago, or I'd have held out for the new Leaf.

Tanner's picture

Great behind the scene, and this commercial defiantly hits home with alot of people.