Not All GoPro Adventures End All Warm And Fuzzy

We've featured tons and tons of extreme videos shot on GoPro Cameras. Usually what makes them exciting is experiencing first hand views of activities you probably won't participate in yourself. This video has gone viral since it was released yesterday and for good reason. Mountain biker Evan Van Der Spuy probably didn't see this huge Red Hartebees (an Antelope from southern Africa) charging him as he raced the Albert Falls Dam. Luckily his friend Travis Walker had his GoPro camera rolling and captured this remarkable footage.

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Global warming is to blame... :DD

.... Fuuuucckkk

OUCH!!! OMG! That poor guy!  Good thing he had a helmet on.

Hit and run!

He got rammed!

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Roger Goodell just fined the Hartebeest $75,000. James Harrison gave him a slow clap.

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Actually, it seems like there are fewer Gopro videos that end warm and fuzzy than those that do not.   i feel like they were created for the sole purpose of catching horrible moments. haha