Open Source Camera System "Apertus Axiom" Shoots 150fps, 4K, costs under $10K

Touting some impressive specifications, (15 stops of Dynamic Range, Super 35mm Sensor) the Apertus Project is aiming to create a modular camera system that operates on an (free) open source software. This opens up opportunities for coders to develop and modify the system to meet their needs, and share with a community. Think of Magic Lantern for DSLRs, but not having roadblocks like those in the Canon Firmwares.

Specs include;

• Cinema DNG Recording
• Super 35mm Sensor
• 4K Resolution
• Global Shutter
• 15 Stops of Dynamic Randge
• Projected price below $10,000

It's great to see DIY'ers starting these kinds of projects and making them so community oriented, for more info check out Apterus.

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USB 1.0...  (@ 01:50)? 

USB port likely for communication/configuration not signal path

Someone please help me understand how 2592x1944 is 4k

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2592x1944 is actually 5k, but I am sure there some higher math involved with scaling down to a 16:9 aspect ratio. Just a guess on my part.

It's not. In the Film world, #k is how many pixels across the frame. 

EX: "1080" is 1920 pixels across, rounding it is 2K
RED ONE shoots ~4500 pixels across, or 4.5K
EPIC and SCARLET shoot ~5000 pixels across, 5K.

This camera (supposedly) shoots what is projected to become another standard, 4K. so 4000 across.

There's some confusion with the website. When you click on "elphel camera", it shows you a picture of the new axiom, but then gives you a whole page of tech specs for the old elphel.

 I guess it will really have 4k, and it will be s35mm as they say.

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Thanks for the notice, I started clearing up the website a bit to make it less confusing ;)