The Phantom Flex: High Speed Video at 2,564 FPS

We've featured Tom Guilmette several times on our website and each time he never ceases to amazing me. Today Tom released a fun video that he shot on the Phantom Flex while he was staying in Las Vegas. We've all seen super slow motion videos before but what really grabbed my attention was Tom's editing skills and his brilliant use of audio to help bring this video to life. If you enjoy watching and learning about high speed videography, check out Tom's website or check out the other Fstoppers Tom Guilmette posts we have featured.

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

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Ah apparently Tom's website is experiencing some technical difficulties. Check back in the next few days, it will be well worth it!

Perfect cinematography and editing.

It's really amazing how the most simple things can be so beautiful in slow motion!

Very interesting video. I think I really only like 50% of the subject matter though. I think if there was more of a story to it, rather than just a bunch of test shots would have been better. Giving rhyme and reason to the slow-mo. I do have to say the audio in this would be my favorite part. It is the single element that really gives the imagery personality.

Did someone else pay attention to the chromatic aberrations and color fringing? I'd say that there were quite a lot of it in some parts.

@Jane: Your right, every shot with a lot of highlights has quite a bit of chromatic abberation. When I watched it the first time I wasn't really looking at it for image flaws but now that I see it I agree 100%.When I compared the shots I liked and didn't from the first round the majority of the ones I disliked were of the faucette and such where it was more pronounced. Good Eye! :)

@Jaymes: I think the story was that he was a bored guy dicking around in a hotel room. What would you do if you were bored off your face and stuck somewhere?
I thought it was a great clip. I'm just wondering how much the bill was after he broke everything in the room lol.

@Jacopo: I'm not certain what I would have done, but there is plenty of opportunity to have shot something a little different. Just in that most of these shots are so similiar to what you can see just by checking out the Vision Research website. Although after having read the article on his site I understand that he had the camera for another shoot, and this really was just futzing with the camera. In all honesty, I would be paranoid too and keep this sucker under lock and key, considering the cost of one of these beasts. You can check out the article here:

very kool video

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what a fun video to watch! i want that phantom.

Ballpark figure, how much is this camera?