Phillip Bloom Takes DigitalRev's Cheap Camera Challenge with... a Barbie Camera

I always felt that Kai and the rest of the Digital Rev crew had a sadistic, if not humorous, streak in them and now I have proof. Their latest Cheap Camera Challenge gives filmmaker Philip Bloom till days end to producing a short film with nothing but a 240p resolution Barbie Video Girl doll.

“Featuring Philip Bloom - world-renown cinematographer and blogger - takes on the cheap camera challenge...but this is no ordinary cheap camera challenge: Bloom is challenged to make a video using a Barbie doll! Barbie Video Girl is equipped with an abysmal 240p resolution and that's it. What's more, we have arranged 3 subjects for him to film, but it's up to him to make it work.”-DigitalRev-

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via [DigitalRev]

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Been holding this damn camera in my hand since 1991.
Toronto / New York City

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Hi Phillip,

need big balls to accept such a challenge….nice work with what you had in hand… prove one more time that the person behind the cam is more important then the cam itself,


I enjoyed watching that. "I'll hold her down while you screw her" classic Kai.

thumbs up! (with terry R face)

The same applies to everything in life, but drivers still needs the best car to win the race. Talent of course is the key but quality and performance comes from gear.

Agreed. Don't handicap yourself if you don't need to. I am sure everyone here has a camera better than the (Sorry Barbie) rather shiity "Barbie Video Girl"...It would be hard to find a worse one, but hey that was the challenge they gave me. Naturally if I didn't have to use it there was no way I would have done! I am not into deliberately making things hard for myself!

As Kai said at the end, use the right tool for the right job and if you have access to a camera that is going to A: Make your film look better and B: Make your life easier then for god's sake DO IT!!! :)

Have a great Christmas, Holidays etc!


haha excelent!

The mark of a true creative professional that makes the best of the situation and accepts what they have to work with. Kudos Master Bloom!

The key to what he did (on-the-fly) was put thought into what he wanted the final story to say and adapted the locations. Outstanding work!