Dealing with Sentient Drones: An Intro to Noise Reduction

I'm not even sure they existed five months ago but since then the prolific crew over at RocketJump Film School have pumped out some really great educational (and often funny) content, quickly becoming one of my personal favorite crews out there. In this humorous short, "Droneward Bound," Ashly and Lauren (both adored) have to chase down a super sexy Inspire 1 drone as it takes on a life of its own. From there, director Kevin Senzaki jumps in on the second video to show us how they went about repairing the audio for the video. Senzaki jumps in on the second video to show us how they went about repairing the audio for the video.

Kevin teaches the importance of knowing what the current available tools can do, and what they can’t so you can make more informed decisions while on set. This can save you hours of corrections and ultimately lead to a better end product. RocketJump's audio editor of choice is Izotope’s RX4 audio editor for audio repair.

Ashly and Lauren end up frantically chasing Matt's escaped drone across Los Angeles after borrowing it without asking... and learn something about themselves along the way. An original short by RJFS, shot in the locations with the crappiest sound possible, all for your education. 

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Ashly Burch, Lauren Haroutunian, Matthew Arnold, Joey Scoma, Cherish Chen, & Freddie Wong

Kevin Senzaki as "Pikachu"
Santa's Little Helper as "Matt's Drone/Butterfree"
Buddy the Drone as "Matt's Replacement Drone"

Directed by: Kevin Senzaki
Written by: Anthony Burch
Shot by: Joey Scoma
Drone Pilots: Freddie Wong & Matthew Arnold
Edited by: Joey Scoma & Kevin Senzaki
Music by: Casey Edwards (
VFX by: Clinton Jones & Eli Cuevas

Shout out to Izotope for supporting us! See their audio repair software in action in our follow up tutorial.

Special thanks to RØDE Microphones! While we tried to make our sound as crappy as possible in this short for educational purposes, their mics still performed above and beyond. Check them out here:

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