A Photography Based Proof Why We Most Definitely Did Land On the Moon

I have always been fascinated by space travel. Back in college a friend showed me a documentary that proposed that the moon landing is a hoax. The arguments were based on photography, videography, and lighting tricks and I remember thinking "wow could this really have been staged?" Mr. SG Collins makes a pretty compelling argument claiming that neither NASA nor Stanley Kubrick were actually technologically capable of producing a video that could stand up to modern scrutiny. Collin's photographic argument should put a final nail in the conspiracists' theory for good.

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This mostly seems an American party. Back here in Europe you would be hard pressed to fill a room full of people that still believe that hoax. If they ever believed it in the first place.
The preoccupation of the Americans with conspiracies never ceases to amaze me. Saddest part is that the believers don't see that it's a business and most of the people who write about one conspiracy, usually have a whole bunch of books about conspiracies. The make loads of money with it.

When I sit down and watch one of these 'conspiracy' videos, I just can't watch it to the end. I honestly can't understand why somebody over the age of 6 can possibly believe those stories. Just use common sense, will you? Those people shouldn't be allowed to vote, drive motorvehicles or operate heavy equipment...

By "hoax" I assume you mean the conspiracy part and not the moon landing part.

Here in Switzerland, about half of my friends doubt the moon landing.

I call it the "little sisters syndrome" where the lesser group of people make fun of and belittle the major group, and when the major group does something astounding, the minor group doesn't accept it.

How many friends do you have? ;)
Weird. I've never met anybody who doubts the moon landing. I was 4 when it happened, but I still can remember the moonlandings as my parents dragged me out of bed to watch it. It made a big impact on me and I'm a spacenerd ever since.

There once was a tv show in The Netherlands with 'crazy' or 'strange' people (called Showroom) and one of the most memorable episodes featured a hermit who absolutely didn't believed people landed on the moon. '...and you believe that?' he said, with a southern Dutch accent. It was hysterical and lots of people of my age still remember that guy, especially for that remark...

Must be a Swiss thing, hehe.

You must be really f**ked in the head if you still believe the Apollo fairy story, over 20 years after they were proven to be fake

It isn't just an American belief. Believing the moon landing was a hoax is almost universally believed in the Middle East and Asia. Remember, people in those places have no dog in the fight, so if they hear a conspiracy theory about the moon landing (or anything else) they just assume it must be true, because they have no reason to disbelieve it and can't imagine why anyone would make such a thing up if it weren't true. I had friends in college from Korea and Japan who actually asked me why America pretended to go to the moon in the first place. It's a kind of a hard question to answer. 

the real question now is... if the US government really went to the moon why they didn't go for another time?
why the soviets didn't go to the moon?! if we assume that they have the same technology  same as the USA?!!!

 The US went to the moon 6 more times. Why didn't Russia go to the moon? Because there rocket ended up being a failure, and the US beat them to the moon so they had no real point to spend more money trying to get there. As the guy said in the video, It was a dick wagging contest. Why hasn't the US gone again in recent times? Well, One there really is no point to go again, Two, they have no way to land on the moon, The now retired space shuttles are not capable to landing on a planet and taking off again. (other then earth) Three, The US debt is $16,438,489,900,253, they just don't have the fucking money.

Actually the US has continued to send less costly robotic explorers to the moon.  And some of you out there in the cyberverse might have noticed that we have robots on and around Mars right now, some of which have exceeded their proposed  life spans tremendously.  Our debt is meaningless to our desire for progress because it is backed by bonds every nation with money demands as a safe place to store their wealth.  If we were to "pay it off" then the world financial system would collapse.  Heck our private sector is planning Mars colonies and asteroid mining right now; our government sector is up to warp drive by now.

The only reason to go back to the moon would be to mine helium 3...... if the moon was filled with gold, it wouldn't pay to haul it back... but helium3, which from what i understand is a very limited resource on earth, would be a viable reason to return......

Very well put!

why does anyone ever points out that US men DID go to the moon thanks to nazi's victims at D.O.R.A. Mittelbau lager? very few just mention wernher von braun, this is the case thou, a NAZI. we should all think about it. i went to that very camp some ten years ago. and it still shakes my bones. 
we shouldn't think wether it has been a hoax or not, but the life costs. not just few chosen and willing us soldiers, but thousands of innocent people died for von braun's cause. 

Not all germans were Nazis mate. MANY german scientists didn't believve in the regime and were being investigated on by the authorities or litteraly arrested.

reffer yourelf to the wikipage on Von Braun, you'll see it was his case.

Don't tarnish peoples memory without cold hard proof.

 Err.. the cold hard proof can be found at Auschwitz.  To say someone was a Nazi but didn't really mean it is ridiculous. 

 Regime = government, bobby, not only is it entirely possible that not every German agreed with or adhered to the National Socialist policies, it is far less likely that every German would have.


Well, in von Braun's case you've got an SS major (Sturmbannführer) way up in the V weapons project and you've got atrocities like Dora deeply tied into that.

More people died building the V2 than were killed by it.

Accounts vary, von Braun insisted he was an unwilling participant caught up in an evil regime and you've got people at the concentration camp saying he was the guy who insisted you were beaten hard enough. 

We may never know for sure, but it's nothing like as clear cut as you make it sound.

no, only the good Germans were Nazis......many simply did not understand the big picture

So what?

If the body of scientific knowledge were edited to remove all contributions (and thereby all derivative works based on those contributions) by people who were "bad" or who do not meet the moral standards of the day then mankind would have never even learned to count to ten.

Go be a poo-flinging monkey with a feeble mind and a clean conscience via blindness if that's what you want, I choose knowledge and know I don't have to feel guilty for what others did. Why should I?

What are you saying exactly? I'm well aware that it's the invention of the Nazi's that brought people to the moon, but many technological breakthroughs do come from military research. I think everybody knows that the Nazi rocket program is the basis of the US space program. US military also thankfully took the results from Japanese poison gas experiments in their camps when they captured them. Not much words were spent about it.
Wether von Braun (or his staff) was a Nazi will never be clear. There are sources that say the documents were forged so there would be no objections to his employment for the US gouvernement.

So, should there be a memorial plaque on the foot of the Saturn V rocket at Cape Kennedy? Is that what you're saying? Or are you saying that they shouldn't use the technology in the first place. Because if you go that way, you can throw away a lot of stuff in and around your house. The Volkswagen Beatle was a Nazi car and Hitler drove a Mercedes (Maybach). BMW made airplane engines that fought the British Spitfires which were Roll Royce powered. And guess what engine is powering the new Rolls Royce? (BMW V12) So...

Tom Lehrer's song Wernher Von Braun on the album That Was the Year That Was points it out.

Same reason US history books try to whitewash the French out of the American Revolution.  It isn't an appealing story to point out America's independence was due to a French king (his money, his private stores of arms and munitions, and eventually a French army and (most importantly) a navy) who was trying to get back at an English King for a draconian settlement of their last war together.

I don't know one way or the other, but I was pointed here saying this man definitively disavows the conspiracy.

No he doesn't.

Disavows? Or shows that it would very likey would have been impossible to fake with the state of art video/film technology of the day? Because those are two different things.

Great. I once spoke to a fake-moon-landing guy and quickly ignored his minute issues and went for the big picture.I said, "Wait, all those people in the command and control center were in on it? Between shifts that must amount to many hundreds of people, none of whom have ever come forth." His response: "Well, no, they weren't in on it." That's when I pointed out that there'd have to be another hidden group of people feeding the group we saw on TV a vast set of data that looked exactly like a moon mission. But none of THOSE people have ever come forth either (and also, wouldn't it be easier just to have a real moon mission at that point?).

I also asked him when we switched from fake space missions to real missions (eg, "Well, is the space shuttle fake?"). He couldn't answer that. He said the space shuttle wasn't fake, though. As for the flag waving, I pointed out that it's probably STILL waving in the vacuum.

very good point!!

Why not point out the fact that, like the US tracking the Soviets' sputnik, the Soviets would have tracked the Apollo vessels.  If it were a hoax, the Soviets would have pointed it out.  Unless they were in out it too!  Of course the Australians had to be in on it because it was their facility that was tracking the Apollo vessels when the moon was on that side of the earth.  And nobody trusts an Australian!  (Made into a comedy, The Dish).

As a film head, I concur this guy knows exactly what he's talking about. 

As the british Author Terry Pratchett had once put it, the government is viewed as a bunch of deluded monkeys who couldn't find their rear ends even if they had maps.
On the other hand, when conspiracies like lunar landings and 9/11 are concerned, they are a supremely efficient, flawles organisation of topmost specialists, all sworn to the uttmost secrecy.....
The most amazing fact is, that sometimes both views of a government manage to fit into the same head at once....

Disclaimer: I believe we've been to the moon. I do not believe that the first moon landing was hoaxed.

I love "conspiracy deniers". It's almost as if you've never picked up a history book and read the hundreds and thousands of conspiracies over the years. Most of them <em>do</em> get caught due to stupidity...but that doesn't prevent people from carrying them out. As Robert Anton Wilson says, the history of the world is a history of conspiracies. Remember the Revolutionary War? It was a conspiracy against the crown. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started America's involvement in the Vietnam War? <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_of_Tonkin_incident#NSA_report" rel="nofollow">The NSA admitted, in 2005, to faking the attacks and lying to President Johnson about it in order to instigate war.</a> This isn't some weird, internet crackpot stuff either. These are well-known events with plenty of official and historical proof of their existence.

This is an outstanding list I saw floating around reddit, and edited the format for Disqus, of well-documented, proven conspiracies from the last 60 or so years, many within the last 20. All of them are Wikipedia links, so don't take them as "the final word". Check the sources, branch outwards, and continue to research yourself. You'll be quite surprised.

===== ===== ===== ===== =====

Operation Northwoods? | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods

The Informant named "Curveball" who lied about WMDs in Iraq?| http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curveball_(informant)

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The Plot to kill FDR...by BANKERS| http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Plot

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The FISA Court (secret)| http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Foreign_Intelligence_Surveill...

Russell Welch who tried to expose drug ops at Mena, AK...also poisoned with Anthrax | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Welch

Gerry Droller | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerry_Droller

The School of the Americas| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Hemisphere_Institute_for_Security_...

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The Pentagon Papers | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentagon_Papers

Operation Gladio | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladio_in_Italy

Now consider this and put this in context. Most of these are incidents that happened 30 years ago. Few of what I've mentioned was with in the last 10 or so years.

Imagine what WILL be uncovered. Imagine the lengths they're going through to prevent revealing anything. This is the information they're LETTING you have.Imagine all the stuff you have NO CLUE about. And don't think that since this stuff is exposed that they just...gave it up. The NSA employs more people than the FBI and CIA...combined. I'm not telling you to start making this stuff up...but lets be real, there is a LOT of stuff going on and them making this available to us is just a way for even the few people that know about it to be distracted.I don't think there is an "illuminati". I don't think there is a secret society in charge of all this. I just know that there are people with power, people with money, and people with neither.

If you're not in the first two, then you're in the third one and you're getting screwed.

 You, good sir, see clearly.  Everything you said was rational and grounded in fact.  Unfortunately, thanks to disinformation campaigns and our media, most of what you said will appear to the average person as paranoia and speculation.  In a society where most people consider themselves "informed" and "enlightened," not looking at things from every angle seems like foolishness. 

So often I hear the term "conspiracy theory" or the statement "that sounds conspiratorial."  Since when does that negate the possibility of something being true?  Conspiracy is a CRIME.  Not a work of fiction.  It lies somewhere between a felony and a high misdemeanor.  Those in power would most likely want to remain that way, and I doubt that conspiring to keep that power is beneath them.  Any time we see a "scandal" such as Enron or the LIBOR scandal, those individuals have CONSPIRED together to commit a crime.  And that is no theory.  That is just a fact.

Thanks for your post.  I hope you continue to spread the word.

 There are far more conspiracy theories than conspiracies proven.  Conspiracies proven usually have a limited number of people involved, all of whom have a financial interest in keeping the conspiracy silent.  Hard to see how thousands of people could be bribed decades after the fact to keep silent about this.  There is also the reflectors left on the moon by Apollo that any astronomy student can detect.

I like how he reminds me a little of Donald Sutherland's X character in 'JFK', only he's talking sense instead of nonsense.

He actually understates the scale of the problem for later missions. Not only was the frame rate three times higher, also the time spent walking around was just 2 hours 13 minutes for Apollo 11, whereas the Apollo 17 crew stayed for three days, and each day they went out for over seven hours, adding up to 22 hours of live video feed.

(I'd love to watch some of that footage, but unfortunately spacecraftfilms.com still haven't sent me the DVDs, even though I ordered them about five months ago.)

I work with a few people who only know of the moon landings from history books. For the 40th anniversary, NASA put together a special page to commerate the event as if it were happening in real time. I got one of my coworkers hooked on the site even though he was born after the final moon landing.

Fortunately, the first moon landing happened in July when school was on break. My parents let me and my younger sister and brother stay up to watch the video. I have followed NASA beginning with Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, through the Space Shuttle. I got to see in person, two final launches: the US half of the Apollo-Soyuz launch and Space Shuttle Atlantis.

I remember Walter Chronkite holding a model of the Apollo Command Module in one hand and the LEM in the other hand and demonstrating how the events would unfold. That was live TV with no redos.

There was no PowerPoint; all the depictions of the various phases of the missions were hand-drawn by artists. There was no CGI animation. Also, cameras used film instead of bits.

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch from launch platform:

This guy is just awesome!

I love to watch it again and again

<a href="http://www.uploadrecipes.com/" title="Upload Recipes" rel="nofollow">Upload Recipes</a>

A space race requires a winner by any means necessary. The rockets..frame rates..technologies in video editing are the least of worries. The actual landing and the first step video recording, who recorded that? Oh! the curiosity rover did? gotta be. If i know i have visited Washington DC in 89, I would not care who questions that reality, in fact i would laugh at them than go and do public presentations to support my reality. He forgot that studios can do many tricks with video as far back as 1965, a rocket does not prove a landing.. a landing would not need much proof being self evident, instead of a barrage of videos and books trying to support the lie. 

The actual landing and the first step video recording, who recorded that? Oh! the curiosity rover did? 

It was mounted on the outside of the lander: "Armstrong pulled a D-ring to deploy the Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA) folded against Eagle's side and activate the TV camera"

Ugh, I made it about a minute in.

I guess morgan freeman doesn't narrate everything.

Armstrong's decent was filmed by the MESA he triggered while exiting, Aldrin's was filmed by Armstrong. Valid question, but no mystery there.

meant descent

Irrefutable Proof for Moon Landing - Lunar Gravity:

Great video. It's a shame you are an anti-war beatnik though. If you think US and its allies should not have attacked Saddam, you need to focus on how many terrorists were in Iraq. After all, who do you think fought us in Iraq all those years, long after Saddam's "army" evaporated. It was Al-Queada - the same terrorists responsible for 9-11.

 I have to point out that Al-Queada moved into Iraq after the war started.  Saddam was very hostile towards Al-Queada and suppressed them while he was in power.

Nothing this guy said makes me change my mind about the moon landing being fake. I've always liked this special that covers everything he just said and more. Watch it and make your own conclusion...



Very, very good!!! Excellent arguments! And very well organized video. A lot of art here.

Well, if we were there about 500 years in the past, probably we also would hear something like
"For Jesus Christ, I don't believe that such a Columbus sailed this earth that everyone knows to be flat, and came to another continent.
I won't believe in such absurd, until I can put my own feet on another planet... I mean continent.
By all that is holy, how can someone believe in Colombus?
That there are people who are not white? Or places where it is so hot, that people walk naked? Or that there are people who walk naked?
Or that there are places where people have never heard about Christ?
If the holy inquisition don't become more energetic, soon there will be heretics claiming that the earth revolves around the sun, or that man can fly"

I've posted comments --twice-- and can only conclude this fstoppers.com website is operated by cowardly and corrupt operators who are afraid to face the facts that do indeed prove NASA faked the moon landing. 

Don't know why people still debate whether the Moon landings were fake or real. It was proven many, many years ago that NASA faked all the Moon missions. We know why they faked them. We know where they faked the lunar landing and lift off. We know who faked the Apollo Moon pictures for NASA and he has admitted it. We have had statements from people who worked on the Apollo program, who claim it was faked. So why is it still being debated?  

http://nasascam.atspace.co.uk No longer need to debate Apollo, it's case closed.

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