Photojournalist David Guttenfelder Talks About His Regular Experiences In North Korea

David Guttenfelder is the only western photojournalist who has regular access inside North Korea. With this opportunity, he has the ability to show the human side of the country. He wanted to showcase the truth, both the good and the bad. You empathize with the people of the country when you see the hardships they are going through. You're also fascinated with how they operate behind closed curtains. 

Thanks to this talk hosted by National Geographic, we get to see it clearly. He's taken about 30 trips so far and spends 100 days a year in North Korea. The beauty of his work is the way everything is photographed so transparently. He even states that sometimes the events just present themselves and he just has to take the shot. The result is a compelling look into a country that is hidden from the world.

The demeanor of David really kept me engaged along with the stories and images. This is definitely worth a watch if you've ever wondered about the country.

You can also follow his work on Instagram for an even more in depth look at

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I agree. It would be very interesting to sit and have a beer. Imagine all he has seen that isn't been photographed, or posted to places like his Instagram.