Pyromania Meets Paint at 15,000 FPS!

The 'Slow Mo Guys' are no strangers to Fstoppers. Anyone that uses a Phantom at extremely high FPS and breaks stuff or blows stuff up in HD has a pretty good shot of me posting their videos. I love being able to see things happen in such a different way than what we are used to, and this video is no exception. Low production value, messy backdrop, terrible lighting ... still awesome! Enjoy!

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12 hours after and there's no haters in this post! Incredible! ;D

Do The Slow Mo Guys usually get hate around here?

(I sub to their YT channel and I don't know whether my humour is base or not but I love it).

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Really neat! I couldn't stop watching.

Any paint hit the Phantom? That would have been a bummer.