Infinite Waves: a Photography Concept Turned to Video

Living by the beach for the past five years or so, I have become more and more intrigued by the ocean and waves. I find myself by the beach a lot, either shooting or flying my drone and paying attention to waves. I'm always interested in bigger waves, cleaner waves, ones with some good color and all. A few months back, I stumbled upon the work of Ray Collins, and oceanscape photographer out in Australia. His photos are stunning and the waves he photographs look so wild compared to the waves out by me in New Jersey.

Collins and Armand Dijcks teamed up on a project together to make these waves come to life. They call this "The Infinite Now." The first time I ever saw one of the pieces, I remember sitting there for almost a full minute or two watching and waiting for the wave to curl up and crash before I realized it wasn't actually a video. I have to say that I really love the concept of this whole project but it bugs me that it is not a real video because I want to see these waves in action. Everything we see in this video seems to be shot in super slow motion so it appears the waves are building up and getting ready to crash, but in reality, we are technically just watching an animation. For this style of oceanscape photography, the blend of cinematography and animation play a big role because this is done so well that it is hard to tell it's not real.

What do you guys think? Interesting concept? Can you see this being used for anything else?

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Eric Salas's picture

This is awesome but I just wish/hope/pray that Clark Little dabbles with cinemagraphs in the future.

Ty Poland's picture

Would be neat to see some of Clark's work like this too!

Peter Lyons's picture

I'd have preferred seeing it in real video, or just stills. Not having read your description first, I found myself waiting for something to happen, and only a couple minutes in, started noticing weird artifacts that began to betray that this is not video but rather strangely manipulated stills.

Ty Poland's picture

hahaha you fell into the trap just like I did!