Filming an Entire Music Video in One Moment With OK Go

For those of you familiar with the band OK Go, in addition to their catchy songs, they've also made a name for themselves with their intricately planned out and executed music videos. With their newest video "The One Moment," they sought to literally film the entire video in just one moment.

With the majority of the video only taking 4.2 seconds to pass in real time by shooting in an extremely high frame rate and with the use of an extremely accurate motion control system, they were able to plan out and coordinate all of the action to happen exactly when they wanted to down to the frame to make sure it went off without a hitch. If you haven't already, take a moment to watch the music video above to see what I mean.

Let that all soak in, and take a look at the behind the scenes to really see how much testing and planning went into making that 4.2 second stretch of time. About a month prior to the day of filming, members of the band and film crew began testing things that "looked beautiful bursting." From there, there was the extremely detailed and complicated process of timing everything down to the frame so that either the objects would be released from their perches or their primer chargers would be activated at just the right moment in order to sync with the timing they were going to use for the video. It's definitely an impressive feat but it begs the question, what will they come up with next?

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Lee Morris's picture

Awesome video but I don't think they'll ever top that plane one.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

That's what I said when I saw writing ont he wall but then they made Upside Down and Inside out ...

They just keep pushing those limits ... good on them. Here I am doing just small jam session type videos for local bands. :(

I'm shooting a singer on Saturday, just her and a guitar in a darkish room (1.5k bounced off a white wall right of frame) and planning mic positions for this (we are doing this with live audio, she doesn't have a recorded version of this song) is complicated ... :p