Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout 2012 From Zacuto Pt.2

A few days ago I posted part one of the almighty Great Camera Shootout 2012 by Zacuto. In the last video it introduced nine clips by nine different cameras by nine different cinematographers. In this video the cameras are revealed in the blind testing that literally traveled across the world. Meet the Cinematographers who worked with each camera and watch how they used their designated cameras and their preferences in lighting and post.

Did you pick out your favorites from part one of the video? Well, be prepared to be shocked with some of the results. I for one was surprised at the Apple iPhone 4s and my favorite of the scenes, the Panasonic GH2. Stayed tuned for the third video which is to be released on the 15th.

Here is the list of cameras used and where you can find more information about them (listed by scene):


A- Sony F3

B- Panasonic GH2

C- RED Epic

D- Apple iPhone 4s

E- Canon C300

F- ARRI Alexa

G- Canon 7D

H- Sony F65

I- Sony FS100

If you'd like to take a chance to try some of these cameras out for yourself before taking the leap and shelling out some hard cash, then visit our buddies over at All of the fun and none of the debt.

 Sony F3

RED Epic

Sony FS100

Canon C300

Canon 7D

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