A Short Film About A Man Who Has Sold Millions Of Forgotten Personal Photographs

A Short Film About A Man Who Has Sold Millions Of Forgotten Personal Photographs

“Mark Kologi has collected and sold literally millions of forgotten personal photos of complete strangers.” That was the only tag line associated with the video. With curiosity, I entered Mark's world for a moment through the video. I was curious to know why he does this. Immediately, I got it and it brought out the fascination I have with photography.

You see fragments of people's lives left behind in boxes far removed from their original location. With no details attached, people look at each of them in groups wondering what each of those photos represents. There's something unexplainable and alluring with what Mark is doing. You can really see his passion come through in the video.

If you'd like to learn more about Mark, check out this article.



Produced & Directed by: Ben Kitnick

Cinematography & Editing by: Saxon Richardson

Music by: Markus Rennemann

Special Thanks: Melrose Trading Post and Mark Kologi

[Via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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great video!

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I love this video. Funny enough i just started a website along similar lines - publishing found 35mm slides. I've got hundreds to publish. The site is still really only in 'alpha' stage but if you want to take a look www.found35.co.uk