Behind The Scenes Look At 'Killing Lincoln' With Photographer Joey L.

Fstoppers recently brought you an exclusive interview with photographer Joey L. In the process, we took a peak into some of his latest projects and revisited some of his previous work. He recently also photographed the national campaign for National Geographic's film, Killing Lincoln. He teamed up with Variable to execute the campaign.

This behind the scenes video, which was also shot by Variable, gives you a glimpse into some of the production involved on set.

The collaboration with Variable proved to be worth it from a production standpoint.

Joey writes:

“By combining both the advertising photo shoot and the video into one large production, we could work in a more elaborate set and obtain the highest production value possible. This type of collaboration can only work if the photographer and the filmmakers are on the same page. From the production’s early conception, Variable and I were working together with National Geographic on mood boards, lighting references and even the compositions we wanted to include in both the promo videos and photography. Without a collaboration like this, the filmmakers and photographers would work on separate productions. They might try to re-create the same set, or work at different times and obtain visuals that don’t have the same cohesion that you can get when working together. In this case, our collaboration was definitely the best option.”

You can check out the full blog post in the link below, which goes over the full behind the scenes coverage. It also covers a great topic about preparing for a major shoot and using test models prior to actually working with the talent.

Blog post:!killing-lincoln-test-subjects-vs-real-subjects


[Via Joey L]

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So impressed with Joey L.


Wicked Awesome! I can't wait for the workshop in New York with Joey L.

gosh I hate dubstep

Yes dubstep ruins ALL THINGS.

Nice video, very cool! Love the setup / props! 

What are those lights at 0:18 and 0:34 called? Are those continuous or strobe?

broncolor para 220 umbrella 

That would be "took a peek".

Lots of Briese in the video, nice to see some big budgets being thrown around even if it is muddied in with some TV as well. Well executed, nice.

Awesome production.

I love everything that Joey does, and support him whole-heartedly, but...
I learned more from his single paragraph of writing than I did from this video. I really wish we could get past this era of more-cuts-equals-production-value. Cuts every 10 to 15 frames doesn't allow the viewer time to absorb anything.

Thanks for the update though FS, even if it's just to keep up with Joey's latest projects.

I had the pleasure of being one of Joey's lighting assistants on this shoot. It was a blast!

I know the general "Edit-to-the-music" idea for all the editors, but the cutting of this video seemed too fast to me and it looked like a music-rhyme-video