"The Quest For Inspiration" Documents Landscape Photographer's Journey

"The Quest For Inspiration" Documents Landscape Photographer's Journey

Seven months ago I shared the trailer for a documentary about French Landscape Photographer Alexandre Deschaumes, as he creates stunning landscape images all over the world. His travels have taken him to Patagonia, Iceland, Austria, and more, while the time he spends in nature is the time where he seems to get the most creative. The hour long documentary is finally available (for a small fee.)

Here is the original trailer I posted back in November.

The synopsis of the completed film, as taken from the website:

"The Quest for Inspiration is an immersion into the world of Alexandre Deschaumes evocative landscape photographer. The artist portrays the world landscapes with a dreamlike and artistic vision. This was after many solitary wanderings through the autumn forests that he developed his own universe. Guided by the dreamy and enchanting atmosphere of the wilderness, he tries to transform his emotions into some form of evocative beauty. Playing with lights, colors, shapes and contrasts, Alexandre has learned to magnify the natural landscape, giving the appearance sometimes surreal. His images, sometimes comparable to real paintings, emanate from the mountain life and natural elements that compose it. Beyond the mountains, he is attracted by the amazing wilderness of iceland. While he is preparing a new expedition in Patagonia, Alexandre must face the torment of nature in his quest for ethereal images."

Below are some of his images. Words like incredible, epic, and majestic come to mind. (images © Alexandre Deschaumes) You can view more images like these on his web portfolio here.




You can watch the documentary here for a fee of $10 (USD) that was created by another talented individual, Mathieu Le Lay. He used Canon DSLRs and a gopro in his kit, as shown below. (this image © Mathieu Le Lay)


[via iso1200]

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so nice!

30 euro-... thats a small few?
i say thats a usual price....

That first image reminds me of the Hudson River School paintings hanging in The Met in NYC, stunning

That's exactly what I was going to say..and it is gorgeous

Unbelievable. Just when you thought you've seen it all. Really phenomenal work.

BTW, Love the scenes of him climbing mountains and crossing waterfalls with his tripod and camera in hand (instead of safely stored in his backpack)!