Sky Divers Record 2 Planes Colliding In Flight

2 planes carrying 9 skydivers accidentally collide in mid air. Many of the skydivers have GoPro Cameras rolling and they capture the collision, the explosion, and the aftermath from multiple angles at the same time. Shockingly everyone survived, even the pilots.

This has to be one of the most intense videos I've ever seen.

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It's certainly one of the most disturbing videos I've ever seen.

Thank goodness there's no casualty!

My God. How the hell did the pilots get out? I couldn't tell if the pilots were already wearing parachutes.

pilots wear bail-out rigs - very small low profile parachutes that allow them to exit in the event of having to ditch the plane. In this incident, fortunately both of them got out ok. This is nothing short of amazing that everyone made it out safely.

do you know that forsure bud? or are you just taking us out for a rip?

Coming up on 1000 jumps now, seen my share of pilots ready to get out if things go bad.

good point, i thought for some reason both had bailed but yeah, only one had to ditch

Super, that must have been serious adrenalin:-)

This is in my hometown... I hadn't seen the footage yet. Pretty incredible that everyone was able to survive.

Monumental incompetence. All the coverage of 'luck' and all that should not wander far from the criminal incompetence displayed.

What do you know about piloting, and what qualifies you to comment on someone else's level of competence?

I love that no matter the post subject here, there is always someone to complain about something... it's bizarre to think how two planes can crash considering the three axes, it's way harder to happen than a car crash, but you don't know what the hell happened to cause this, you can be sure the two pilots are very competent to be allowed to be in their position.

That was full on! They all kept it together. What about the pilots?

It makes my heart pound, not in a good way. Thankfully everyone survived.