A Slo-Mo, Artistic Look At Base Jumping

A few months back I posted another video by "Betty Wants In" that involved skydiving in ultra slow motion. The video was created with the GoPro video camera and software called Twixtor that can create frames for a very realistic slowmotion look. This time they have created a very different video using the same technique. Enjoy this amazing look at the sport from the safety of your office.

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Mike Folden's picture

Wow. I'm amazed at how good the footage looks from a GoPro! I've been wanting to try out Twixtor too and this I think will push me to finally do so. Amazing shots in this. Truly beautiful piece. 

i need grow a pair go base jumping

What an amazing movie!
The GoPro really delivers, and great editing too. Thanks for sharing!
Im with Andrew, i need to grow a pair and go base jumping.

Mike Folden's picture

I think I'll keep my pair and just watch cool videos of other people doing it. 

O'nev's picture

this certainly was amazing to watch. I bet watching this on a massive screen, imax, would induce moments of vertigo.

@lee  where do you keep finding amazing videos from ?

Majeed Khan's picture

Wow Amazing man, this is great video and cool editing.