Snowboarding With Frickin Laser Beams: The X-Games Meets TRON in "Black Snow"

Using a unique blend of black lights, LEDs, and course sharks with frickin lasers, the crew from Burn put together a fantastic short video that shows snowboarders sliding on some rails and even doing flips in the dark. The rails light up as they slide across them! Check out the video and tell us what you think of this style.

Shot on a RED Camera. Filmed and Directed by Johannes Östergård and Richard Prendergast.
[via Attrape-pixel]

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Better than yellow snow! Sorry I had to be the first to say that!

W van de Kletersteeg's picture

Incredible. Very nicely done. Good to see Red Bull isn't the only energy drink brand that has the budget for such projects :)

Looked pretty sweet, but on a technical standpoint I don't really see why they went through all the trouble to shoot it on the Red, might as well have used a Sony FS700 or even something more native to snowboarding, like the HVX/HPX cams since there wasn't too many shots that utilized the cinematic image that you get from the Red and since there wasn't a heck of a lot of over cranking but it must've been the DOP's choice and had the money to blow. Still rad though. 

Pretty cool (way better than 1980s black light posters), but the venue could've done more justice to the snowboarders and lasers. Just limiting it to the steps and railing sort of feels unworthy of the athletic skill and the light potential. When are they doing "Part Deux: Lasers on the Half-Pipe"? :)

harry's picture

I used to snowboard there during the off season years ago.  The only spot worth videoing would be the park section which they pretty much fully utilized.  Other than that it's just three slightly curved runs from top to bottom.