Sports Beauty- A Slow Mo Compilation by Gregory Villien

Gregory Villien is a true renaissance man when it comes to media. I was not only blown away with his compilation of slow motion sports clips, but after visiting his website, it's clear he's a man of many talents. He's got a collection of his own photography, music, designs, and other projects. This guy dabbles in it all.

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great mix ....

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Thats music from x-ray dog, right? 

just a heads up Gregory Villien did NOT film these clips. they were all taken and he edited them into a compilation, clips were taken from.. Brainfarm, GoPro, Mad media and im sure several other production companies.

I don't want to be a hater but what's the difference between this and if I were to take a bunch of other photographers' photos, put some actions on them, and make a slideshow out of them, and say "Hey everybody, look what I just did!"?

 I agree Dave